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Ignited Dreams - Septagram

Ignited Dreams - Septagram

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Introducing the third masterpiece in the extraordinary Heptagon series: Ignited Dreams.

This captivating hand-painted acrylic artwork combines my current and past painting styles, unveiling a harmonious blend. With a mesmerizing 7-point star mandala shining in silver, this piece holds profound symbolism, featuring piercing eyes within it.

Elevate your space with the power of this exquisite geometric painting. Whether you're an admirer of mystic art or crave a touch of symbolism in your sacred surroundings, Ignited Dreams is the answer. An invaluable addition to any collection, this rare opportunity to obtain something truly magnificent should not be missed.

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Ignited Dreams - Heptagon (Original) - Bdotartsy
Ignited Dreams - SeptagramBdIGB0992J
Ignited Dreams - SeptagramBdIGB0992J
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